What will remain

Below is a map of what will remain after the upgrade to 1.7 - I strongly recommend you don't build outside this area, as it will be gone - no exceptions. If you want a .schematic dump file of a build that you've made in the "exclusion" area, let me know.

This will happen no later than Friday, January 24 (yes in 2014).

Here are the coordinates of the world that will remain:
  X: -1535 to 1023
  z: -1023 to 1535

Here's how to see if you're inside the save area:
  • Press the F3 key
  • In the text garble that pops up, look for the X: Y: and Z: values on the left
  • Your X: value should be between -1535 and 1023,
  • Your Z: value should be between -1023 and 1535

As always, if you have any questions, don't hesistate to ask.