The Quirks

Custom recipes for fun

There are customized crafting and smelting recipes - at this time, Aquilo is using these customizations. These aren't mods, there are no new items or powers added to the game and most importantly, there's nothing that players must do to their client to take advantage of them. These let you get items in a new way that may be faster or more convenient. As Minecraft gains additional datapack capabilities, more customization will follow.

Furnace / Smelting


Stone tools

Now craft from any kind of regular stone, no end stone or netherbrick, purpur, etc.

Materials recovery

Get your planks (and some block types) back from stairs, slabs, pressure plates, etc.

Now, Minecraft already has stacked stone slab recipes together - which create either chiseled, or pillar variants, like this:

So we use an alternate recipe, which needs more slabs, and in some cases produces a "smooth" variant

These smooth & chiseled blocks can be turned back into "normal" blocks

Then there's this odd one out - the full smooth block


Not all "uncrafting" recipes are symmetrical: you can't get your sticks back from a fence, for example.

If your carpet isn't all the same color, bleach it out


Lets you work with materials in bulk that you'd normally need a tool to manipulate. Keep in mind that your yields with an enchanted tool may be higher than unpacking on the workbench - these are the average yields without enchanted tools.

Odds and ends