Minecraft 1.12 - The "World of Color" update has been loosed

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Mojang have been working diligently on Minecraft 1.12, overhauling the innards and outards, setting the stage for beautiful colors, patterns, and amazing play enhancements. "World Of Color" brings us fresh, vivid colors for wool, colored concrete, colored beds, and the NEW glazed terracotta block, with 16 amazing rotatable patterns!

In addition to visuals like glazed terracotta (formerly hardened clay blocks), a brand-new element has been added to the game: The Knowledge Book This is an inventory feature that lets you browse available recipes, based upon what's in your inventory. Say goodbye to looking up recipes online! This also sets the stage for map-makers to produce custom recipes without mods - a big step forward in the game mechanics.

Beyond the Knowledge Book and new colors, we now have:
  • Save and restore multiple Creative-mode inventory toolbars
  • Parrots: jungle creatures, tamed parrots can sit on your shoulder(s)
  • Parrots also mimic other mobs ... in their vicinity
  • Added sounds for note blocks
  • Parrots love note blocks
  • Colored beds are slightly bouncy
  • Colored concrete powder blocks - fall like sand, but harden instantly in place when they contact water
  • a Text-to-speech narrator, for speaking all those chat messages at you
  • New advancements, custom advancements
  • Illusioner Illager: shoots a bow, can TURN INVISIBLE

Last, but not the least, one of my favorites: when crafting stuff, if there items left on the crafting grid and you close your inventory, instead of just dumping those items on to the ground, they now go back into your inventory. Craaazy stuff, I know.

Yes, all this dropped a week ago - but if you don't keep up on the news, I urge to to check it out in single-player. The Knowledge Book is a really intriguing change from Mojang, and is the biggest in-game interface changer since almost the creation of the game itself. Of course, you can disable it if it annoys you.

When will 87cubed.net update to 1.12? This has become more difficult to answer: while every major Minecraft server offshoot (Spigot, Forge, Sponge, etc.) already released a 1.12 version in some form, some of the critical server-side plugins have been in a state of admin uncertainty. This means they may or may not survive, or it may be months before someone else picks up the torch and resumes development. I'll be investigating every option available, including switching out the back-end as necessary and possible. Hopefully it will lead to quicker server updates, with a minimum of stuff like: "Sorry, the creative portals don't work."

As always, let me know if you have any questions or requests. Happy Minecrafting!

87cubed.net is back on the rails

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The Minecraft server at 87cubed.net is back up and even better: it is now running 1.11.2! Yes, it's been a long time coming, but finally we have llamas and polar bears and strays, oh my! Part of the upgrade complication is that even very prominent server-side plugins can go stagnant or get abandoned, which cause long delays as suitable replacements get hammered out. Add to that several real-world complications (moving to another region of the country is on the list), and you get a very long time between Minecraft server upgrades.

While I've done some testing for basic stuff, I'd like to hear from you Minecrafters about any problems you find. These are the problems I'm tracking:

  • Right-clicking the "Kit" signs in the spawn hut doesn't work - has been a problem for a while
    • Work-around: type /kit followed by the name from the [Kit] sign
  • Pressure-plate teleportation "portals" aren't working
    • Work-around: use the commands to travel instantly
    • For the SafeZone: /warp safezone
    • For the Creative level: /mvtp glacier_creaf
    • To return to the overworld: /spawn, /home, /back, etc.

Alright, enough chit-chat: what do we get with the jump to 1.11?
  • Rocket-propelled Elytra flight: Not. Even. Kidding.
  • Polar bears: if they have babies around, they will try to ruin your day if you get close
  • Llamas, llamas, llamas! Magnificent pack animals that spit-attack stray wolves and form trains
  • Auto-jumping: no need to manually jump/climb up full blocks, you can use auto-jump/climb
  • Magma blocks in the nether: will have to be found in new nether exploration
  • Husks: zombies that don't burn in the sunlight, found in deserts
  • Illagers, Vindicators, Vexes and Evokers, all these Bad Guys now can be found in the Woodland Mansion
  • Cursed gear: just say no
  • Shulker boxes made from the shells of Shulkers, found in End cities
  • Observer blocks: watch other blocks/spaces for change and emit a redstone signal when seen

There are so many new things to check out - if you've not played Minecraft in a while, even in single-player, I strongly encourage you to do this. As always, send me your comments, questions or complaints.