87cubed.net block ops are go

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

The Minecraft server at 87cubed.net is back up and fully functional, thanks to _tymesink for helping verify the integrity.

Technical difficulties, please stand by

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

The Minecraft server at 87cubed.net is down at this time due to an (unplanned) outage. I'm working on this and I'll send out another notification when everything is back up.

Minecraft server maintenance is complete

Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Minecraft server at 87cubed.net is ready for normal use again. Your inventory may "lag" (appear blank) when going through portals, requiring a second or two to populate. If it becomes a problem, please let me know.

Minecraft server is down for maintenance

Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Minecraft server at 87cubed.net is down for maintenance for about an hour, I'm updating some plugins and replacing others with their successors. While you may be able to login during this time, expect that a shut down may happen without warning and changes made in that time may disappear. I'll put out an update when I'm done.

Minecraft 1.11 - The Exploration Update

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Have you ever wondered what a malevolent Villager would be like? Minecraft 1.11 brings Illagers, the evil relatives of Villagers, they live in large Woodland Mansions, deep in Roofed Forests. It also brings llamas, shulker boxes (portable chests), life-saving totems, curses, and several hundred bugfixes.

Illagers, hostile villagers, live in Woodland Mansions

  • Two types: axe-wielding(!) Vindicators, and a mini-boss Evoker
  • Evokers can summon fang attacks and Vexes
  • Vexes are sorta like ghosts, can go through walls, but also carry swords
  • Woodland Mansions spawn in Roofed Forest biomes, and have randomly-generated interiors
  • Evokers drop a Totem of Undying, which will resurrect you upon taking lethal damage!

Great loot to be had, so how to haul it?

  • Llamas! Careful, they spit
  • Found in Extreme Hills, they are tame-able & breed-able, with different patterns & strengths, like horses
  • Can be equipped with a carpet for a saddle and a chest for hauling
  • Put a leash on one, up to 10 llamas can be attracted and try to form a caravan!
  • If not leashed, they will attack untamed wolves, which run away

Good, you secured a Llama - now how to find a Woodland Mansion?

  • Get an Exploration Map
  • The new map types are either blue for Ocean Explorer maps, or brown for Woodland Explorer maps
  • These are obtainable by trading with the new Cartographer Villager
  • They present a much simpler outline map, until you get within range
  • May show you Mansions or Monuments that are very, very far away

More and more

  • Shulker box: portable chest, made from shulker shells, found in End cities
  • Observer block - like a redstone BUD, outputs a signal when it detects a block update
  • Cursed gear? Cursed gear! Can't drop or unequip it ... unless you die
  • Cursed items may instead vanish if you die
  • Shields now can block 100% of damage from mele combat (instead of 66%)
  • Mobs with axes (like Vindicators) will now disable the shield if they attack a blocking player
  • Many new minor sounds & visual tweaks

If you've not tried it out, please do! I've migrated the server to new high performance storage, and I'll be performing additional maintenance, plugin updates & tweaks, etc., in the near future. In other good news, some of the most critical plugins have already been updated for 1.11. So, we may get Polar bears and Llamas at the same time.

87cubed.net Minecraft server down for maintenance

Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Minecraft server at 87cubed.net is down for about an hour, sorry for the short notice. There is no emergency, I'm taking a few minutes to perform preventative maintenance. I'll post an update when everything is done.

87cubed.net has been upgraded to Minecraft 1.9 - Prepare for Combat!

Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Minecraft server is now running 1.9.4 - update your client and get to slashing and hacking! Remember that you can now carry shields in your (new) off-hand inventory slot, or torches for mining, etc. Right-click to use that item (no attacking with it). I've given the server and plugins some cursory testing, please let me know of problems you encounter.

Minecraft 1.10 has arrived - welcome the summer of Frostburn

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

So Mojang have been very busy - Minecraft 1.10, the Frostburn Update, has been released, barely 3-ish months after 1.9. Nobody expected such a short release cycle, especially after waiting over a year for the last one, but all signs are that Mojang are going to make "smaller" releases more often.

At this time, 87cubed.net is still running 1.8, but it seems server plugins have caught up with 1.9 - I'll cover that in a bit. So what did 1.10 bring us? Auto-jumping, and polar bears (to go with the igloos, of course), Husks, Strays, zombie villages, oh my!

  • Auto-jumping? AUTO-JUMPING! Walk toward a block and your character automatically jumps onto it for you
  • ... no more hammering on the space bar to explore!
  • Polar bears appear in Ice biomes, passive at first, unless a baby is around. If so, RUN, do not swim away!
  • Strays are Ice biome skellies that shoot Slowness arrows - not cool, man
  • Husks are desert night-spawning zombies... that don't burn in the sun
  • Zombie Villages: 2% of newly-discovered villages may be populated by zombies
  • Endermen will now visit the Nether ...
  • ... probably to check out the new Magma blocks
  • Giant buried fossils of extinct giant creatures can be found, and mined for bone blocks
  • Abandoned mineshafts now generate at ground level in mesa biomes
  • Structure blocks - special function blocks for map developers

Upgrading 87cubed.net to 1.9

Some time in the next week I'll upgrade the server, and maintenance notices will be posted before and after. Minecraft 1.9 brought an overhaul to the End realm - there are new mobs, new blocks, new structures, a new dragon fight, new everything. This means I'll be deleting the current End realm for the upgrade, to allow players to acquire all the sweet new stuff: Elytra (wings), End Rods, purpur blocks, cacti, fruit, etc, etc.

Most importantly, keep in mind that there are combat mechanics changes in 1.8: Weapon "re-charge" time, shields, potion-tipped arrows, etc. This means that spam-clicking monsters with your diamond sword as fast as you can is roughly equivalent to the pre-1.8 wooden sword damage levels.

As always, don't hesitate to ask if you've questions.

All servers are up again

Tuesday, 19 April, 2016

All servers are up again, let me know if you have problems. I found out from _tymesink that there are problems with permissions in the spawn chunk: you can't use chests or the kit signs. I'll be working on this, but util it's fixed you can use the /kit command.

Downtime for maintenance

Tuesday, 19 April, 2016

The Minecraft server at 87cubed.net is going down briefly for facilities maintenance. I'll be moving the server itself to temporary accomodations, so the interruption will be brief. The webserver will be also be down, for a longer period, as there are (presently) no similar failover options - I'll send out a notification when it is functional again.

Can it be? Minecraft 1.9, the Combat Update, is unleashed

Tuesday, 1 March, 2016

"Mine-craft," you say, "that sounds familiar, where have I last seen that name?" Maybe September 2, 2014 - 545 days ago upon the release of 1.8 (or maybe in November from my last update) Regardless: 1.5 years is a very long time for a Minecraft release, what has Mojang wrought?

  • Combat overhauled: no more bland spam-clicking your weapon, now you need some tactics
  • It's The End: dimension completely overhauled and vast vastly expanded, new dragon fight!
  • New blocks, End plants and items, including the "path" block decoration
  • Flying! "It's falling, with style!"
  • Left-handedness / dual-carrying - auto-torch place with right click!!1!
  • Several hundred pre-1.9 bug fixes
  • Potions now require blaze powder to brew

Combat Mechanics

  • Attack strength: Attacks need to recharge - one immediately after another does less damage
  • Attack indicator: option in video settings lets you display an icon of attack strength
  • Tools & weapons have different speeds & strengths: yes, you can wield a diamond hoe
  • Shields! Carry a shield in your offhand and right-click to block - customize with banners
  • Sword sweeps - hit multiple enemies in one attack
  • Armor is weaker - especially against stronger attacks
  • Better fed player = faster healing

The End

  • The End is now one large island, surrounded (at a distance) by many smaller outer islands
  • The outer islands can only be reached once the dragon has been killed
  • The dragon fight is much harder now - some crystals are protected by iron bar cages
  • Flying - once you get to the outer islands, you can find equippable wings, called Elytra
  • End crystals are craftable
  • Why would you do that? Why, to summon the once-slain dragon, of course
  • Chorus plants with magic fruit, cities, shulker mob that fires tracking arrows, more ...

Stuff upon stuff upon stuff

  • Path block: makes a grass block into a 15/16 high dirt block
  • Endstone bricks, purpur blocks, beetroots (in villages), potion-tipped arrows
  • Boats are robust now and can hold 2 passengers
  • Command blocks overhauled & expanded to 3 modes: impulse, chain & repeat
  • Frostwalker enchantment - use on boots to walk on (frozen) water
  • Hay bales break your fall

Of course there is more - these are merely the highlights. This update feels almost like playing Minecraft for the first time: I used to think combat was far too easy, so the skeletons helpfully put me in my place for trying to melee without a shield. How long until 87cubed.net updates to 1.9? Hopefully within couple of weeks; already the team that makes the Spigot engine has updated to Minecraft 1.9, so all that remains is for the plugin makers to follow. I'll keep you updated - in the meantime, check it out in single-player, don't wait!