Skyrockets in flight

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Those of you that don't follow Minecraft news will be delighted and amazed by tomorrow's release of Minecraft 1.4.6 - the fireworks addition!

Mojang have added fireworks to Minecraft, just as they promised at Minecon 2012. They went a little overboard, there are literally hundreds of thousands of combinations of color bursts, max. height of the rocket, sparkle trail, number of bursts, burst patterns, etc. The possibilities are endless, especially when you add in the fact that they can be automatically launched from dispensers! Because of the complexity, you may want to read up:

Expect to see some amazing videos with choreographed launches synchronized to in-game redstone-generated music - much like real-life fireworks displays.

One more thing: 1.4.6 clients are not compatible with 1.4.5 servers. If you do upgrade, you'll have to either wait for to be upgraded, or put the 1.4.5 client back - instructions for this are on the Help page:

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and don't blow yourself up!

Login problems and a Guide to Glacier

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Try and try again - Mojang servers have been very troubled over the last few days, which can make it difficult or impossible to login to play. If you try to connect (to any Minecraft server) and get error, disconnected or "Took to long to login" messages, first check to see if any services are down. Even if all shows green, you may still see problems - over the past few days I've been unable to login from within my own network! When you get these types of messages, just remember to try and try again. I've seen up to 8 retries before I could login, so keep trying.

When you are finally able to login, there is now a long overdue in-game Guide to Glacier, in book form. It lists and explains the available teleport commands, describes features of the town center, community resources, and lists other villages & their warps, along with the uncommon trade items at each village. There is more to the book and you can get your copy in the spawn hut; use /spawn to get there (quickly).

Somewhat related, here's a very nifty thing I found: A potion of night vision will give you the ability to see underwater without all that cumbersome darkness - though there still is a blue "fog". From above water, you can see the bottom with near-perfect clarity, it's remarkable! If you want to try this out, here's how to brew a night vision potion:

    Make a golden carrot
  • Take a gold ingot and place it on a crafting table to get 9 gold nuggets.
  • Take carrot and place it in the center of the crafting table, then surround it with gold nuggets - you now have a golden carrot.

    Brew awkward potions
  • Make three bottles by arranging three blocks of glass on the crafting table in a "v" pattern, like a bucket.
  • Fill the bottles by dipping (right-clicking) them in water.
  • Put the water bottles on a brewing stand, and put a piece of netherwart in the stand - you now have three awkward potions.

    Brew your night vision potions
  • Put your awkward potions in the brewing stand, with the golden carrot.
  • Once the brewing is completed, put redstone powder on the brewing stand.

When finished, you'll have three night vision potions, each lasts eight minutes. You'll know when this potion is about to wear off: your vision will begin slow strobing, which is slightly unnerving.

Q: How to get a brewing stand?
A: You must get a blaze rod, by destroying Blazes in the Nether, then place it in the middle of a crafting table with three cobblestone in a row underneath.

Q: How to get a carrot?
A: Zombies will very rarely drop them, I got my first carrot and quickly cultivated it into several. You're welcome to harvest carrots from the patch behind my house in town, just please re-plant afterward.

Q: How to get netherwart?
A: From the Nether - there is plenty in the rail station area when you go through the portal in town.

Have fun diving (water or cave) - just don't mistake this potion for being able to BREATHE underwater or actually being in a lit/safe area.

That was fast: is now running Minecraft 1.4.5

Friday, 23 November 2012

The server has been upgraded to Minecraft 1.4.5 - to give credit where credit is due, Bukkit are doing a great job of cranking out the updates. There have been tons of bugs fixed since 1.4.2, so I really do recommend you upgrade. The connection options get a bit confusing at this point, with so many different versions of 1.4 out, but here are the basics:

For a 1.4.2 server, you need the 1.4.2 client, available here:
For a 1.4.4 server, you need the 1.4.4 or 1.4.5 client.
For a 1.4.5 server, you need the 1.4.5 client, available here:

If you are using windows:
  • Close Minecraft
  • Click Start, then Run, and enter: %appdata%
  • Open the .minecraft folder, then open the bin folder
  • Copy the minecraft.jar, that you just downloaded, into this folder. Yes, you want to replace it.

As always, don't hesitate to let me know if you have any problems.

Happiness is a baked potato between friends

Sunday, 18 November 2012

If you've been waiting for bats and witches and anvils and steerable pigs, your wait is over - is now running Minecraft 1.4.2! To celebrate, I'm giving away free anvils and potatoes in the spawn hut - one anvil per person, please. This update is a lot messier than usual, because I actually use Bukkit and to make a long story short, if you want to connect to the server, you MUST use the 1.4.2 client.

"But I already upgraded to 1.4.4," you say, "and it won't let me connect!"

No problemo. Just download the official 1.4.2 client file from Mojang by clicking on the following link:

If you are using windows:
  • Close Minecraft
  • Click Start, then Run, and enter: %appdata%
  • Open the .minecraft folder, then open the bin folder
  • Copy the minecraft.jar, that you just downloaded, into this folder. Yes, you want to replace it.

Start Minecraft, and enjoy! I wish I could tell you how long it will be until the server is upgraded to 1.4.5, but that will be at least a couple of weeks. Hopefully Minecraft 1.5 will sort out the problems we're seeing now, where a very slightly older or newer client can't connect.

PLEASE, if you're seeing strange things happen on the server, like glitches and items disappearing from your inventory, LET ME KNOW.

Happy Minecrafting!

The Pretty, Scary update is nigh!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Tomorrow (25 October) should see the general release of Minecraft 1.4.2 - the "Pretty Scary Update". What happened to 1.4 and 1.4.1? Well, there were problems, so Mojang is skipping right past them for the general release to the 7 million-plus users. Unless there is a last-minute show-stopper, expect to see an update notification tomorrow when you start up your client.

Naturally, I (and other servers) won't be able to update for a couple of weeks - as always, BACKUP your client before upgrading.

Almost three months have passed since 1.3 was released, so what does 1.4 bring us? In short, much improved performance, new decorations, new creatures, new transportation, new food, new potions, new sounds, and bug fixes all around.

  • Item frames, like picture frames, but you can put any item in them and display it on a wall! Maps, armor, tools, clocks, etc.
  • Flower pots: small flower pots that hold individual plants, like minitature cacti and ferns!
  • Colored armor! You will now be able to color leather armor pieces, all the shades of the rainbow
    You can also dye the color of your dog's collar
  • Stone fences - just like wooden fences, but made of cobblestone or mossy cobblestone - very nice
  • Trapdoors can be placed at the top of blocks: no more ugly holes in the floor
  • Maps align to a grid - this makes it much easier to make maps that don't overlap each other, plus, you can clone them
  • Severed heads - no kidding. When you kill a monster, there is a chance that it will leave it's head behind. You can put them down as decorations, the same way signs are placed
  • Did I mention you can wear them, too? Yeahhhh.... just like a pumpkin, but much more creepy.
  • Wooden buttons, which can be triggered by arrows hitting them
  • Stairs will now join with other stairs at right angles and form corner stairs

New creatures, and new behaviors
  • Monsters will DROP DOWN ON YOU NOW from a serious height, if they think they won't take too much damage in the fall
  • Wither Skeletons - bigger and meaner blackened skeletons that live in the Nether
    ... unless they accidentally wander through the Nether portal. Did I forget to mention that all creatures can do that now?
  • Bats: they are found in caves and they fly around really fast and that's all
  • Witches: Very mean, immune to potions, but uses them lots, for healing and throwing at YOU, found in swamps
  • Zombies can infect villagers, and turn them into zombies! You can turn them back ...
  • Monsters will sometimes spawn wearing armor, and will drop it when they die
  • They'll also pick up random items they encounter on the ground. If it's armor or weapons, they will use it, and drop it when they die
  • Slimes now can spawn in swamps, at night
  • The Wither: You have to build this from the skulls of slain Wither Skeletons. This is a VERY dangerous creature, and not just because it shoots highly-explosive skulls, it tries to kill everything around it - BEWARE

If you do manage to kill a Wither, you'll get a Nether Star, which you can use to build a Beacon. Beacons can be "set" to do different things, like heal players within a given radius, fill up hunger, etc.

New Food & uses
  • Carrots and potatoes (beware the very rare poison potato)
  • Pigs can be lead and bred using carrots
  • Carrots can be put on a fishing pole, and used to steer pigs when you ride them; with enough carrots, you can travel pretty quickly
  • Chickens use seeds instead of wheat for breeding, and will follow you if you're holding seeds

New Potions
  • Night vision (a.k.a. "I'm Batman")
  • Invisibility!!!1! Unless you bump into a mob (or attack it), it won't know you're there. You can also turn other critters invisible, but results are mixed.

And finally: the Anvil
The Anvil is a huge change in Minecraft - it lets you use XP levels to repair items, rename them, and combine them.
  • Anvils suffer wear / damage from use, and will eventually wear out
  • You can rename any item - for example, "Rosebud" for your favorite minecart
  • You can repair items, using XP and the material they were crafted with. This is especially important if you have a really good enchantment and you don't want to lose it by repairing the item
  • You can combine enchanted items and gain the benefits of multiple enchantments
  • The anvil is affected by gravity and will fall and take damage if unsupported. Don't be under it when it hits.

There are more changes, mostly involving the client and single-player world generation (ice block world, anyone?).
Mojang doesn't disappoint, and this update is no exception. Happy Minecrafting!

Travel, safety and mail

Friday, 14 September 2012

I mentioned last time that there would be a place for younger and lesser-experienced players set aside on the server, and now it's completed. The Safe Zone is available to all players, you can see its boundaries on the map viewer; it's the giant white square.

What is the Safe Zone? It is a region where you cannot be harmed: you are invulnerable. No hunger, no burning, no drowning, no splatting, no monster spawning or attacks and creeper explosions have no effect. From bedrock to the top of the sky (0-255), you are safe.

There are no barriers, but you are notified when you enter and when you leave - it's a large area, so don't worry about constantly stepping outside the lines.

How to get there? You can:
  • Walk (it is a bit over 500 meters north-northwest of town)
  • /warp safezone
  • Use the warp gate down the stairs in the spawn chunk. Yes, I know, it doesn't resemble a nether portal, that's intentional.

Travel tips: Use the teleport commands to explore with friends:
/tpa playername - asks playername if you can teleport to them.
/tpahere playername - asks playername to teleport to you
/tpaccept or /tpyes - accepts a teleport request
/tpdeny or /tpno - No means no.
/home playername: - if playername has used /sethome, this will teleport you to that home. Don't forget the : at the end.

And finally, mail - if you want to leave messages for people, use the /mail command - it's kinda like texting, the messages have to be somewhat short.

The weekend in review

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Thank you, everybody for your participation this weekend, and for your feedback - it has led to a couple of changes, which I'll get to. First, I apologize for the lack of information and coordination, as well as the technical "glitches" - it's exactly the sort of thing I didn't want to have mar your experience. To be clear, my goals for running this server are as follows:

  • A friendly environment without cumbersome restrictions or permissions - unfortunately, this means griefing can only really be mitigated by white-listing. (If you've anyone you want to vouch for, just e-mail me their username and I'll whitelist them ASAP)
  • Absolutely minimal disruptions / as little downtime as possible
  • Update as fast as possible while avoiding unstable versions

So that's my operational criteria. To this end:

  • /setwarp and /delwarp are now available to all players - don't forget that /warps will show all available warps.
  • Player-created warps will not be marked as such on the map unless requested - this is only to keep the clutter down on the map.
  • I'm scouting out land that will be free of hostile mobs, the purpose of which is to give a space that younger players can be comfortable/safe in without shunting them off to another server. This zone will be a sizeable chunk of land, and will be marked on the web site real-time map. I'd seriously appreciate feedback on this particular feature, to answer questions such as: should they be invulnerable while there, should fire not spread, etc.
  • The questions about the map culling can mostly be answered by looking at the dynamic map - everything on the outside edges is new to 1.3. I realise this is a fair distance from the town center, but I had only a (very) crude trimming capacity, plus with /setwarp now open to everyone, this should be much less of a burden.
  • The server is no longer in "Peaceful" mode
  • Too late, I realise, but everyone that has logged in over the weekend has "god" mode enabled - you are invulnerable. If you wish me to remove this, please let me know.

Important: If you lost anything due to /home /warp, etc. dropping you into the void or suffocating you, LET ME KNOW. I don't care if you can't remember exact items & counts, I'll re-imburse and compensate you.

Again, any and all feedback is appreciated - especially criticism. Seriously!

Minor mutations

Thursday, 30 August 2012

So a few minor changes have been made to the server configuration, which should improve player experience:

  • Warps should now no longer present a risk of dropping you into the void (or suffocating you in the ground)
  • /back replaces /return and will now actually take you to your last point before /warp /home, etc.; it will also (somewhat handily) return you to where you last died, or the closest "safe" spot. Note: if you fall in lava you'll probably still lose all your stuff, so don't fall in lava.
  • The server was upgraded to Minecraft 1.3.2 compatibility - performance is much improved
  • World edges have been trimmed back, to allow for discovering stuff like temples & jungle trees with cocoa pods
  • Real-time mapping (via DynMap) resolution is lower, to lessen the impact to the server when exploring. This should significantly cut down on the "I just mined those 15 blocks and they reappeared!" Syndrome
  • The Farlands nether portal has been shifted slightly, to provide better access to the distant surface portal.

I'd like to get a few players on the server together to stress-test it, especially the /warp and /home behavior - I can ensure you will not die if you do happen to miss the ground and fall out of the world. I'd like to suggest Saturday night - any takers? is now 612% more teleporty!

Friday, 3 August 2012

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I would be adding extra privileges to the server - theyyyyrrree heeere. Now anyone can use the following commands by typing them in chat:

/spawn - takes you to the spawn point of the world you're in
/sethome - sets your home spot
/home - takes you to the spot you set as home
/return - takes you back to where you last teleported from
/warp [warpname] - Teleports you to a named coordinate set / location
/warps list - lists established warp points
/whereami /where /pos - shows your current position
/compass - shows your direction by compass (North, East, SouthWest, etc.)

Warps can only be created by an admin and I'll add warps to all known villages (so far three) to make trading easier when 1.3 is put into place. Warp points will be marked by signs on the map for each town. I'd like to hear from everyone which warps would be convenient to have.

While I've resisted adding mods that would fundamentally alter gameplay (don't expect to see flying or guns), I'm ok with those that provide minor tweaks, like extra furniture or decorations. The drawback to mods is that you have to wait for them to catch up when a new version of Minecraft is released, so more mods = slower server updates. Send me your mods you're interested in and I'll dig into them.

Time (and Minecraft) marches on towards 1.3

Monday, 30 July 2012

The big news of the week is: Minecraft 1.3 is due out on Wednesday: ** BACK UP before upgrading ** If you do not keep a backup of 1.2.5 around, you will be unable to connect to the 1.2.5 servers! Bukkit will be releasing an update as quickly as possible, but it will still take some time before most servers are upgraded to 1.3. If you have single-player mods installed, they will not work with 1.3 - you'll need to check (and wait) for updates.

This is a release with several cool new features and cosmetic changes, and an overhaul of the internal functions. There are several hundred small changes, mostly bug fixes, bug fixes, more bug fixes, and also bug fixes. Besides the bug fixes, the notable new general gameplay features are:

  • Added writing in books - up to 50 pages per book
  • tripwires & tripwire hooks
  • Ender chest
  • emerald & extremely rare emerald ore
  • trading with villagers (uses emerald as currency)
  • LARGE biomes
  • desert temples
  • jungle temples
  • lilypads no longer behave like floating obsidian
  • Improved experience collection

MOST important change: There is no more single-player game any more, only a single player mode.
The game now runs an internal server in single-player mode, and connects directly to that. The single-player server can be shared on the fly to the LAN - the game also has detection of Minecraft servers on the (same) LAN. It is possible to use client-side commands by enabling cheats; this is defaulted as disabled for old worlds.

A full list of changes is available here:

With the removal of single-player, work on expanding and fixing Minecraft will proceed even faster, so expect to see some very cool stuff in the next several months. Mojang has said that 1.4 will see the Minecraft API released, which means mods will be much easier and faster to install and update, and hopefully less fratricidal towards each other.

I plan to put permissions in place that will allow the use of spawn, home, etc. commands, as well as warps. I'll send and update when this is available - please let me know if you'd be willing to help test these features.

Downtime due to wooby upgrade

Friday, 22 June 2012

The brief outage earlier was due to upgrading the server, is now running Bukkit 1.2.5-R4.0. I initially decided against updating, as there didn't seem to be any inherent stability issues, but the release also address several performance and security problems. Nothing like a nice clean wooby, eh?

Long story made short: I'd like to know if you're having problems getting dropped, or crashing. For those of you experiencing connection drops, please let me know whether you're using the Minecraft client, or some other client (like SpoutCraft). I'm seeing a large number of client disconnects and, although I've never had crashing problems with the "vanilla" Mincraft client, I'm hearing some less than flattering things about the stability of non-Mojang clients.

Got change for an iron helmet?

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

I last mentioned the web site was up/overhauled and while it is still fairly unremarkable, it now has an FAQ in place, as well as up-to-the-minute statistics tracking on the main page. The statistics pane auto-refreshes, with new information every 60 seconds - it shows not only who was previously seen on the server, but who is logged on presently. My goal is to get the frequency of update to within 15 seconds.

More to the point, the mechanism behind the statistics is new - a program (not a server plugin) I've written that is independent of the server. This allows more flexibility in adding new behavior that doesn't require any server downtime, permissions tweaking, or waiting for plugin updates. Among the things I'm planning:

  • XP and/or item rewards, based upon how active a player is on the server, and finds.

  • Granting temporary access to elevated privilege commands, such as invulnerability

  • And the big one: Robo-X-change - an automatic exchange function to give access to items that are normally only available from the creative menu. Also, you will be able to do things like trade a single highly valuable item for stacks of more mundane items, or vice-versa.

The exchange function has the potential to be highly contentious, and I'm not sure I'll be able to get it in place before Minecraft 1.3 is rolled out (which will implement trading with villagers). Regardless, I'm inclined to press forward with the effort, and I'd like your opinions as to what you think is a fair exchange table. For example: My opinion is that an Eye of Ender is the most valuable in-game item, and I'd be willing to exchange that for a half-stack of of diamonds.

I'm also thinking of plugging in a bulletin board function to the site, to facilitate potential discussions, if anyone finds that of interest.

A little sum'in sum'in

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I'm working on a partially-automated rewards system that will provide ... incentives / rewards for regular (and irregular) visitors. Part of the plan involves awarding XP. If you've any comments or suggestions, I'm open to ideas (if you don't remember my e-mail address, it's at the bottom of this page.)

Yes, I know the "Players seen" list is not accurate, the server logs were rotated today and I'm working on adjusting the reporting mechanism to correct for that.


Sunday, 6 May 2012

Things may be a bit laggy and slow today as I'm doing a full-system backup. Shocking, I know, but these things sometimes do happen even to the best of us. Until the backup is done, the map will not behave correctly, if at all. Going forward I'll try to have backups happen during off-hours, until then, my apologies for the trouble.


Friday, 4 May 2012

Remember how I mentioned that there would be some kind of useful web site? Well, the overhaul is complete, and there are all kinds of cool things to see now!

Yeah, uh, both things.

Okay, so there is now real-time mapping, courtesy of the Dynmap plugin, if you've never seen it, it's kinda nifty - it shows live updates to the world as they happen. Also, not only will it let you get a better sense of the world in a given area, it shows the current locations of players on the map. This is reallllly handy for coordinating a rendezvous.

NOTE: I won't do cave renders unless there is an overwhelming demand from players.

For a historical perspective, there are also daily snapshots, which .. well, each is a picture of the map, from a very high level, so there's not a lot of detail, but they're useful in their own right.

So that's the website. I'll be posting minor news items on the website, any significant server news will go out in an e-mail as usual.

Now running Minecraft 1.2.5!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

At long last, is upgraded to Minecraft 1.2.5 - this means jungle biomes, river biomes, ocelots, housecats, iron golems, zombies that break down wooden doors, up-side-down stair blocks, multi-colored wood blocks, and much, much more. I plan to put current status & FAQ information on the web page at (right now it is plain and ugly) - an update will go out when it's done.

  • This is the last Minecraft update that will allow new biomes to generate in unexplored areas of the map from "older" worlds. For quickest access to the jungle, take the north gate exit from town (over the footbridge).

  • Speaking of new terrain: the Farlands Nether portal was in terrain that got chopped. When it re-spawned, it did so on top of a jungle tree.. so.. uh, watch your step. Treehouse living, anyone?

  • Although some blocks are only available via creative mode (like the new circle stone and sandstone textures) let me know if you'd like to use them for decoration and I'll set you up.

  • The new 256-cube height building limit means crazy big constructs or just really high construction. If anyone is interested in building a skyland or even just a dirtcloud, I'm up for it.

  • The sheep farm outside the east gate has been expanded slightly and has four (4!) brown sheep, so no need to look for cocoa beans anymore to get brown wool.

  • The area under the town is a free-for-all mining zone, up to level 20 - this means all minerals, lava, etc. are up for grabs. The dozen or so chests of cobble, dirt, etc. are free to any comers. Above level 20, please be considerate, as those making their homes in the town region would like to keep their basements intact.

  • At this time, neither a villages strongholds have been located - they're still up for plundering!

Minecraft 1.2 = huge changes, heads up!

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Heads up, Minecraft 1.2 is coming tomorrow (Thursday) - this will be a huge change as there are MANY very cool new features, which I'll cover, but here's the most important thing you need to know:

BEFORE YOU UPGRADE, BACK UP YOUR ENTIRE .minecraft DIRECTORY - not just the save directories.

  • Mojang is going to try to update the LWJGL library that Minecraft uses for graphics; the last time they did that, many people were unable to play, either due to graphics bugs, crashes or frame-rates below 1 FPS.

Another reason to back up:

  • A new map format, "Anvil" : Maps will be automatically converted to the new map format, which has these improvements:

    • Map height will now be 256 blocks high! Keep in mind that this does NOTHING to the terrain, it merely adds another 128 blocks of air on top of the clouds, so that you can build that much higher.
    • The new map format is compressed better so lag should be reduced a bit on servers.

The list of new features is very long and very cool:

  • A new jungle biome, with enormous trees
  • A new tame-able mob, the ocelot. Once tamed, it turns into one of three different types of house cats and they will follow you around. They can be told to sit, like dogs - they will not, however, defend you.
  • Creepers flee from cats!
  • Cats kill chickens ...
  • Zombies will break down wooden doors on hard and hardcore difficulty.
  • Skeletons and zombies will flee to the shadows when harmed by sunlight.
  • Villagers will move inside during rainy weather and night to socialize.
  • Villagers will, uh, "breed" and spawn new child villagers that grow up.
  • On some nights zombies will swarm villages and break down the wooden doors to kill and eat.
  • The villagers have a defense! One Iron Golem per 15 (or so) villagers. They're very tough and will re-spawn after a time, if killed.
  • Upside-down stairs blocks, for better-looking architecture
  • Half-blocks (slabs) can now be placed in the "top half" of a block space. Still cannot mix slab types within a single block space.
  • Doors have been truly fixed, they now place correctly as double- doors and open correctly together. This means that all existing double-doors will need to be placed again, as one of them will now be open.
  • Hostile mobs now may drop items upon death: armor, swords, etc. These are rare events, so you may not see it for a while.
  • Flame charge - a new craftable item that, when shot from dispensers, travels in a straight line until it hits something, where it catches the impact area on fire. This is basically a craftable Ghast fireball.
  • Tamed wolves can be bred
  • A craftable redstone-controlled light block! Redstone + Glowstone block = switchable light block.
  • Abandoned mineshafts now have some wooden flooring instead of just hanging supports in air.

Be aware that Minecraft 1.2 client backwards-compatibility with older servers is not guaranteed. I will not be updating the server to 1.2 until Bukkit, WorldEdit and WorldGuard are also updated - so not for a while. Whether you ever logon or not, don't forget to backup everything before updating or you could be stuck if the update doesn't work for you.

Now using WorldGuard for the town center

Monday, 13 February 2012

Some recent significant changes:
  • The town center is now demarcated by a perimeter wall, this is intended to keep hostiles away and allow uninterrupted building and does not denote property lines or ownership in any way. There are gateways on the North, East and West sides, with most of the South side open to the lake.

  • Along with the perimeter wall, the town center is proof against hostile mob spawns and creeper explosions, from somewhat below ground level up to the clouds. If you still want to find trouble, though, you won't have to go far to find it.

  • With the advent of the protected town center, the sea of torches has been removed. Of course, if the dark bothers you, feel free to re-plant them.

  • The Farlands Nether Rail Project is complete. There is now a continuous nether-based rail line to take you from the underground town center gate to a distant fortress. The Farlands surface gate is approximately 5000m away and the area around it is completely undeveloped and unprotected, so take appropriate precautions when visiting.

As always, there are no building restrictions (except in the spawn chunk of course) so common courtesy is the rule.

Upgrade goodness

Wednesday, 1 February 2012 has been updated to Minecraft 1.1. Additionally, I've dropped torches all over the town square, as the time of day is no longer locked at noon. Eventually there will be monster spawn control, but for now there are tons of torches.

There are some simple starter resources in the spawn chunk that are free for anyone to take as much as they please, as well as community a community wheat & tree farm. The server is bandwidth-capable of approximately 10 simultaneous logins (besides myself).

A server is born

Thursday, 19 January, 2012

This message announced the availability of the world of Glacier:

Are you a Minecrack addict (as I am)?

If so, let me know if you're interested in joining a white-listed server, vanilla 1.0.0. Whitelisted means no worries about griefing, and vanilla means no worries about mods. I run the server from my house, so my bandwidth means I can host about 7 simultaneous players. It's not fancy (by any stretch), but has very little to no downtime.

If you have questions or want to join, just let me know.