Tekkit setup

How to get it?

  • First, be sure you're running Java 7 - if you don't know what you're running, just install the latest version from java.com.
  • Go here and get the Technic launcher:

You must configure the launcher!

  • Start the launcher and configure it to connect to 87cubed.net:
    • Ensure that "Tekkit" is selected on the left side then click the gear icon under the "Tekkit" logo
    • Select "Manually select a build"
    • In the "Select Build" drop-down box, set it to the version on the 87cubed.net main page (example: 1.2.9e - Recommended)
    • Click on Save then click on PLAY
  • Once Minecraft finishes loading (takes a long time with all the mods) ...
    • Click on Multiplayer, then "Add Server"
    • Set the Server name to 87cubed Tekkit, or whatever you like
    • Set the Server Address to 87cubed.net:25570
    • Then click Done

Playing Tekkit

What is Tekkit?

Tekkit is Minecraft with a LOT of technology-related mods that add all kinds of new blocks, capabilities, items, and even extra dimensions. There are also enhancements to the plain Minecraft GUI that provide more information about the world around you.

What makes it interesting?

Much more stuff to make, which lets you do some really cool things!
  • Build a factory that is entirely automated
  • Make your own pocket dimension and build your home there
  • Make a power suit like IronMan(TM) and fly around like a maniac
  • Build a rocket and go to the Moon or Mars, or just build your own space station in orbit
  • Plumb the depths of reality itself through dimensional doors

How do I get started?

Pretty much like normal Minecraft - find a spot to call home, then start building and mining. You will need more space than in a regular Minecraft world, because you'll have a lot more to build, and a lot more material that needs to be mined. Figure at least twice as much land as you normally would need/want. After the basics (food, shelter,etc.), you will need to do a LOT of reading. I strongly suggest you get cozy with the wiki:

No, I mean, what's up with these crazy extra things on the screen?

In the upper right is a mini-map. Use Z to cycle zoom levels, press X to view the mini-map "full screen", then Z to zoom as well. When you're in your inventory, you can search for stuff by typing the name below - anything that matches will show up on the right. Click that object and you'll get recipes to make it and and recipes it can be used in.

Grinding up the tech ladder

My suggestion? Save your ore at first - don't smelt it unless you *really* need it. Once you find three Certus quartz dust, you can build a manually-operated grind stone and a wooden handle. Grind your ore and you get two units of powder (right-click-hold the handle on top of the grinder to operate it). Each powder smelts into an ingot. This means a grinder can double your ore output! You can also grind wheat, each becomes a unit of flour, which directly bakes into a unit of bread, tripling your wheat-to-bread output.

See what else grinds up! Wait, wait, hold on - do NOT grind or pulverize Uranium ore. Until you have a radiation suit, don't do this. Nobody likes radiation poisoning from carrying bare yellowcake. No sir.

All dem crazy ores

Tekkit includes a LOT of different ores and couple of duplicated ores: copper and tin. If you come across sapphires, emeralds or rubies, you can use all of one type to make tools / weapons that are as capable as diamond, but only have 1/3rd the durability. Don't go mining ores in the Nether until you've some really good defense and offense - zombie pigmen nearby will attack you, plus there's a chance that mining Nether ores can set off adjacent ore blocks, like TNT.

Machines! Soooo many machines!

The first thing to be aware of is your power requirements - different machines require different power sources. It's kind of a pain, I know. FYI, Redstone engines are really only good for pumps and pipes. The first machines you'll probably want are a pulverizer and a powered furnace - you can power those with a steam dynamo, which can burn things for fuel: saplings, sticks, wood, coal, etc. You'll need a water pump to keep the dynamo supplied with water, and a redstone engine to power the pump.

And that's it! Get out there and have fun!

Oh yeah, some miscellaneous tips:
  • Put 3x3 cobble/dirt/sand/gravel on a workbench, get one block of compressed material - a 9-fold space savings, just like a block of iron works
  • Make carpenter's blocks and a carpenter's hammer, make some carpenter's pressure plates and use the hammer (right-click) to toggle a plate to allow only players; then combine with iron doors and POOF: zombie-proof automatic doors!