Submitting screenshots for rendering

How this works

  • Find a view and line it up the way you would like it rendered (may require pillaring with dirt to get the angle right)
  • For each view you'd like rendered, capture two screenshots (please don't move):
    • Press F1 to hide on-screen information, then press F2 to screenshot the view
    • Press F1 to show on-screen information, press F3, then F2 for another screenshot
  • E-mail the files to me, with a description of your intent for the image. Example descriptions:
    • Dark and moody, low light, focus on the foreground
    • Green fog, medium brightness, focus on the center of the image, 3840 x 1200 (for dual-monitors)
    • Evening sun, long shadows, dim torches, focus on the pillar in the rear of the scene
    • Use Texture/resource pack "X", available at
    • "I don't want this image to go in the gallery"

Some things to keep in mind and tips

  • There are no animals or players and signs are blank - Chunky can't render these at present
  • Picture frames are ok
  • For images with non-standard sizes or aspect ratios, screencap the view in that size or aspect (example: 1200x1200)
  • You can adjust the FOV/zoom in-game via the Options menu - if the screencap isn't using the default of 70, I need to know!
  • I can very crudely chop out structures from the surrounding area
  • I can also chop off terrain below a certain height - see _tymesink's skycastle as an example
  • Some structures, like the Great Glass Sphere, are very difficult to compose - not all will work
  • Indoor / subterranean renders completely blocked from skylight are grainer by default
  • Eliminating graininess requires longer render times; underground scenes may = double the time

How long?

Renders can take a long time: easily 24 hours for high quality, high-resolution (1920 x 1200 or larger). Before I start on large or full-size renders, I'll send you a quarter-size version to see how you like it. This will save a lot of time if you don't care for the composition. Once the final composition is agreed upon, I'll start the render and notify you of the estimated completion time.

Grain: if your scene is still too grainy, you don't have to start over from scratch on render time, just tell me you'd like to try to reduce the graininess further and I simply start it again with an increased render target. Note: for significant grain reduction you may still face a lot of extra render time.

Picking up your developed goods

Unless you request otherwise, I'll post the image in the Render Gallery and e-mail you the link. I'll also work on linking the image to the real-time dynamic map, so you can click on the icon and have it present in a window.

Sample images for consideration

Indoor-only lighting and grain

Lighting is everything - just like in the real world, natural outdoor lighting is preferred over indoor lighting, simply because it is much more powerful. Low lighting will result in grainy images for an equivalent render time. The following image examples should be opened side by side for comparison. The grainer image took around 8 hours, the smoother image took around 18 hours.

Labyrinth room

Labyrinth grainy example

Grainy example full size (1920x1200)

Labyrinth smooth example

Smooth example full size (1920x1200)

Overall mood

Just as you can set the brightness from "Bright" to "Moody" in the game, consider how light or dark you want your scene. The following examples use roughly the equivalent lighting, the area is from the mining ops area under the spawn hut.

Mining Ops

Mining ops bright example

Mining ops bright example full size (1920x1200)

Mining ops moody example

Mining ops moody example full size (1920x1200)