(Frequently-as-in-never Asked Questions)

Q: Is the stuff in the spawn chunk really free? Why? What it if I don't like free stuff?
A: Yes, it's completely free, and optional to use. It just saves a bit of effort & time for what should be more of a creative process of building in the town center.

Q: Can I build ANYWHERE I want to, and rip up the stone pathway, too?
A: Yes! But not in the spawn chunk (the pretty little flowers are actually indestructable...)

Q: How far down does the anti-monster-spawning & creeper-explosion protection extend? How far up?
A: The town center (demarcated by the walls and, in the water, light posts) is protected from level 56 to level 127.

Q: I need a LOT of wood for construction projects, can I cut down the entire forest around the town?
A: Yes, but please use the community tree farm first, next to the community wheat farm; there are also stacks of cut wood in the spawn chunk FREE SUPPLIES chests.

Q: I'm starving! How am I supposed to find enough to eat without killing someone's animals?
A: Use the community wheat farm, or the Hunger-B-Gon (next to the spawn hut)

Q: Is there a mob grinder?
A: Yes, a zombie spawner; also a nether portal, a slime spawning area and an underground fishing pond. To reach these, take the underground access stairs in the spawn chunk and follow the signs. The slimes are down on the Mining Ops level.

Q: What's with all the chests in the Mining Ops area?
A: The remains from digging out the slime spawing area. Yes, it's free stuff.

Q: How can I get some blocks that are only available from the creative inventory?
A: Until the Robo-X-Change is functional, you'll have to ask me for them. Depending on what you're asking for, I'll request an equal exchange (stone for stone, sand for sand, etc.)

Q: What's with the railway in the sky?
A: Wheee!

Q: Ok, then, what's with the roads out the gates?
A: Decoration, maybe ease your travels a bit.

Q: Can I cut down all the trees around the town just because I want to?
A: There's nothing stopping you (but it would be in poor taste).

Q: You're such a control freak!
A: That's not actually a question.