Aquilo upgraded to 1.15.1, goes into the honey business

Monday, 13 January 2020

Wonder of wonders, the Aquilo server at has been upgraded to Minecraft 1.15.1 within the original estimated time frame; the map has been pruned, and everything is humm- er, buzzing nicely. This update brings performance improvements (especially on the client side), in addition to a huge pile of bug fixes, honey & honey blocks (for amazing redstone machines) and of course: BEES!

Log on today and get your honey farming game on!

Hello to a new year, goodnight to Glacier

Wednesday, 2 January 2020

Today we say hello to a new year, and goodnight to Glacier.

I want to thank everyone that joined, for the great memories and the amazing creations. Glacier saw 23 unique players in its time, each making their mark in this shared pocket universe. For those that didn't realize, "Glacier" was the name of the Minecraft server that started it all at, eight years ago. It started off as version 1.0, completely vanilla, with torches everywhere to stave off night fiends, and it ended up as a relatively feature-rich 1.12.2 server with warps, a SafeZone, and a Creative level.

Glacier is being put into standby and if you'd like to visit, let me know and I'll wake it up. I'm working on a way to do this automatically and will update if it comes to fruition. If you would instead like a download of the world, simply tell me and I'll make it available to you.

Aquilo is the new Glacier: it will be around indefinitely, but unlike Glacier it is not white-listed, so anyone can join at any time.